Providence Preservation Society Winter Bash!

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Keeping the mash away from prying eyes!

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“Hedrick’s a cult hero because of a 1999 biographical independent film, Moonshine, produced by Rhode Island filmmaker Kelly Riley.”

Jim Tom Hedrick, the moonshine legend grows

TV series adds ‘fuel’ to Jim Tom’s legend

By James Budd Friday, February 8, 2013 3:38 PM CST

Jim Tom Hedrick at his summer camp on Big Snowbird Creek in Graham County, N.C. Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners series adding to Jim Tom’s notoriety. Jim Tom Hedrick is well known in the mountains around Robbinsville, N.C.

The following is a profile from the archives of The Graham Star about Jim Tom Hedrick, a moonshiner from Graham County, who is appearing on Discovery Channel’s series, Moonshiners.

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Bird Man

Bird Man

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This stuff right cheer

Jim Tom and jar

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Review of Still Making Moonshine

Documentary filmmaker Kelly L. Riley takes us back to Graham County, North Carolina in Still Making Moonshine to reconnect with homemade hooch producer Jim Tom Hendrick, the subject of his previous documentary, Moonshine (2000). Jim Tom proves to be just as colorful in this feature-length follow-up. While he is very much the same unpretentious character we remember from the first film, the good-humored distiller has modernized his methods a bit. Rather than cooking his whiskey outdoors over an open fire, he now heats his brew inside a trailer over a propane flame. Still, despite the technological advancements, Jim Tom manages to set his pants on fire.

Follow this link to read the rest of the review of Still Making Moonshine from the fine folks at

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Review of Moonshine

The subjects of documentaries often prove that real people are more fascinating than any characters that can be fashioned out of the imagination. Jim Tom Hendrick, the focus of Kelly L. Riley’s documentary short Moonshine, is just one of those subjects. An aging denizen of the hills of North Carolina, Jim Tom spends his days focused on the semi-conflicting interests of the Bible and the production of corn liquor. With Jim Tom as our tour guide, the film leads us through the process of distilling moonshine whiskey; but the short also takes the time to stray from the bootlegger’s hidden mountain still to give us a view of Jim Tom’s community and way of life. (follow the link below to read the rest)

Here’s a great review of Moonshine by the good people at Boozemovies .com

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