The subjects of documentaries often prove that real people are more fascinating than any characters that can be fashioned out of the imagination. Jim Tom Hendrick, the focus of Kelly L. Riley’s documentary short Moonshine, is just one of those subjects. An aging denizen of the hills of North Carolina, Jim Tom spends his days focused on the semi-conflicting interests of the Bible and the production of corn liquor. With Jim Tom as our tour guide, the film leads us through the process of distilling moonshine whiskey; but the short also takes the time to stray from the bootlegger’s hidden mountain still to give us a view of Jim Tom’s community and way of life. (follow the link below to read the rest)

Here’s a great review of Moonshine by the good people at Boozemovies .com

One thought on “Review of Moonshine

  1. You know how do we live in a country where selling Dope (Marijuana) is legalized and we know its super harmful effects on the human brain in the high levels of THC . why the Hell cant we just make moonshine whiskey, without having to pay the damn government all the time..? we were better off being under British rule in 1776 than we are today. The stupid thing is,…we did it to ourselves all by ourselves,. And we all allowed it to happen due to the lack of “Cojones !”
    How darn Sad.
    FREEDOM. You say? ,… butt!
    your a TAX slave stupid.

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