Still Making Moonshine

Still making front coverDocumentary filmmaker Kelly L. Riley returns to the mountains of North Carolina and discovers more than just whiskey being bootlegged. Jim Tom smiths a still from a roll of copper at his creek-side camp. In a dry county thick with prying eyes and tee-totalers, Jim Tom slips around making a run of moonshine. Jerry Jumper and William Bird explain how the old spirit allies of the Cherokee, “the little people”, still live in the near by woods and streams. As a feature length sequel to the critically acclaimed short documentary “Moonshine”, “Still Making Moonshine” is a drunken tale of lost language, severed limbs, buried shine and blackouts. Have a taste of bootleg whiskey and Jesus, “140 proof.”  Purchase the feature length documentary Still Making Moonshine, NTSC, DVD.

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Moonshine cover picThe legendary story of Jim Tom Hedrick and the process of distilling moonshine whiskey from corn mash.  A taste of bootleg whiskey and Jesus, straight from the mountains of North Carolina. 140 proof!  Purchase the 22 minute, NTSC, DVD, here.

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