Moonshine cover pic

The legendary story of Jim Tom Hedrick and the process of distilling moonshine whiskey from corn mash.  A taste of bootleg whiskey and Jesus, straight from the mountains of North Carolina. 140 proof!  Purchase the 22 minute, NTSC, DVD, here.

Still making front coverDocumentary filmmaker Kelly L. Riley returns to the mountains of North Carolina and discovers more than just whiskey being bootlegged. Jim Tom smiths a still from a roll of copper at his creek-side camp. In a dry county thick with prying eyes and tee-totalers, Jim Tom slips around making a run of moonshine. Jerry Jumper and William Bird explain how the old spirit allies of the Cherokee, “the little people”, still live in the near by woods and streams. As a feature length sequel to the critically acclaimed short documentary “Moonshine”, “Still Making Moonshine” is a drunken tale of lost language, severed limbs, buried shine and blackouts. Have a taste of bootleg whiskey and Jesus, “140 proof.”  Purchase the feature length documentary Still Making Moonshine, NTSC, DVD.

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